Wild Things ↟ October 2018

There’s been a real chill in the air this October. Lush green fields seem to have been replaced quite quickly with golden trees and falling leaves. Autumn, I always think, passes so quickly; so I’ve been trying to get outside as much as I can to see the beautiful colours and textures of this time of year before the barrenness of winter takes hold. This month, I’ve been putting a real focus on environmentalism, scouring the web reading articles and finding blogs and websites to help me make more change. A few of those will be featured in this list, along with some other things that have been getting me excited for colder temperatures. As always, I hope something from this list inspires you!


Edward Burtynsky

Environmental Photographer

I came across Edward Burtynsky from one of those annoying articles that pops up on Facebook. But something caught my eye and made me actually click on the link. It was the (below) photo of a cleared forest, the caption telling me that the forest was in Borneo and the reason was Palm Oil. I had to read on, and what I discovered was an amazing photographer travelling the globe and capturing signs of man’s presence and domination over nature. The article I read was on Wired and can be found here. It highlights the work Burtynsky is doing and his thoughts on what’s going on with the current environmental crisis. The article ends with this quote from Burtnysky that really struck a cord with me, “I do think we live in a sustainable world. The question is can we overcome the entrenched interests who don’t want the world to change because they are doing very well the way it is right now?”. I’m really interested in looking more into this photographer and learning about his work.


She Explores Fall Reading List


For me, Autumn and Winter are the times of year to cosy up with a blanket, a cup of tea and a good book. Adventure journal, She Explores, have been inspiring me with their latest Fall Reading List - with books about adventures in the wild, sailing and surfing trips, motherhood, nature and adventure writing. I’ve already ordered a couple of books from the list in preparation for winter.


Plastic Freedom

Online Store

I would be more than happy if ALL my Christmas presents this year came from this website - Im obsessed. Needless to say, Plastic Freedom is an online store dedicated to plastic-free products, covering your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, stationery and much more. I had a lot of fun scouring the website and making a list of future purchases, but for now I just bought a razor, soap bag and face wash that I’m going to try out. The website really makes it easy for you to realise areas that you can make a change in your house, and also contains beautiful, natural, ethical items that you don’t have to feel guilty about purchasing.

Switching to plastic-free alternatives in your home can be expensive (though will be cheaper in the long run, as these things last and don’t need replacing for years and years), but I think the best way to approach making the switch is to take it room by room. Start with your bathroom, then move on to the kitchen, then fill in the gaps with anything else you might find. I’m working on some zero waste blogposts which will be coming up in November to help you make the switch.

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Katherine Heath | North Coast 500


Photographer and environmentalist, Katherine Heath, specialises in capturing moments of slow travel and simple-living. Her latest blogpost about a journey on Scotland’s North Coast 500 had me yearning for those Scottish wilds; long, empty roads, bleak fields of highland cows, morning mist rising from a lake. Katherine did the journey last October, and it has me thinking that October is the perfect time to travel to Scotland.


Samuel Elkins | Fall in Yosemite


I’ve been following Sam on Instagram ever since the first time I went to America. His beautiful photography had me yearning for the American West more than I could say: long, wild roads; golden hills lit with an evening glow; snow-capped peaks lined with lush, green pine. His latest YouTube video captures the ordinary in an extraordinary way. A trip to Yosemite in Autumn, when the colours of fall are at their most vibrant and bewildering.