Wild Things ↟ July 2018

You might have become used to my monthly Gear Lists. I started that section of my blog so that I could recommend pieces of kit I have to you guys, each appropriate to the season and weather. I really love recommending gear; I personally find it super helpful reading reviews before buying, or getting personal recommendations from friends or social media if I'm looking for something new and have no clue where to begin. So, I'm still going to keep recommending gear to you. BUT, there's only a certain amount of gear one girl can own... essentially, I'm running out quickly of gear to recommend, and I also don't think you always need new, shiny things every month to get out and do what you love.

So... I'm changing this section of the blog a little to be a general list of things I've loved each month - from gear to books; hikes to YouTube videos. I'm usually either out and about, or browsing the web gaining inspiration, so needless to say, I find a lot of cool stuff online. I've decided to call it Wild Things - because, essentially, it's a list of wild and adventurous things that I think are worth sharing. I hope you don't mind the change around to this section, and hopefully you can find something that inspires you to get outside. 


Hike: Scrambling up Tryfan

I have a neck injury at the moment, which means no climbing for the time-being. I'm pretty gutted about it, but looking on the bright side, I know this will mean that I'll have to find fun alternatives - hiking, camping, cycling, and maybe a bit of easy scrambling. Earlier this week, my boyfriend Harvey and I went to Snowdonia for the day, leaving behind the blue skies and sunshine of Manchester for fog, mist and rain in North Wales... of course! We decided to head up Tryfan, taking in some fun scrambles along the way. It was the first time I'd done any real scrambling, and I loved it! The good thing about this route is we could make it as hard or as easy as we liked. Choose a route that looks good for you, give it a go, and if you can't do it, find an easier alternative. It was loads of fun and something I definitely want to do more of.

N.B. I'd suggest always scrambling with somebody else, and if you've never done it before, start really easy and build yourself up. Don't do anything too risky that makes you feel unsafe, and try to always spot each other when scrambling.


Podcast Series: Women on the Road

I've fantasised about moving into a van for the last few years. Since living on a bicycle and out of a bag for almost a year, I figure that a van would be practically luxury! The podcast series, 'Women on the Road' from She Explores has been adequately keeping me motivated and inspired; with tales, troubles and advice from women who live on the road, either solo or with a partner. Each episode focuses on a different aspect, or features an interview with an inspiration female traveller - with topics such as fear, finance, advice and how to run a business from the road. I'd highly recommedn the series to any adventurous women out there dreaming about simplifying and hitting the road... it's certainly inspired me!


Event: Millican Travel Collective 2018

A week or so ago, I headed up to the Lake District to join Home of Millican at their Travel Collective event. The event saw us head out rambling from Millican HQ on a photography workshop with the amazing Jim Marsden, who talked us through his photography process. For Jim, rather than focusing on the technical aspects, it's all about a way of seeing - a more thoughtful photographic process. It really got me to think more about what I was photographing, rather than snap snap snapping away as I've been accustomed to doing since I got a DSLR.

In the evening, we all huddled in a cosy tipi as a series of speakers gave inspiring talks about what they do. Manchester-based photographer, Simon Bray, inspired me to think more about my creative process and how I want to express myself artistically; photographer-writer duo, Rob and Harriet Fraser (who I met on a photoshoot with Millican back in February) were ever-inspiring with tales of their adventurous and creative ventures around the Lake District; and the lovely Ruth Allen (@whitepeakruth) opened up about her work as an outdoor therapist, how we should all think about re-wilding ourselves, and how the outdoors can be much more than just a natural playground.

The whole event was incredibly inspirational, and I left with a warm feeling in my belly to want to create, explore, try new things and develop myself as a creative. I'd highly recommend checking out future Home of Millican events.


YouTube Channel: Sailing La Vagabond

Ok, so I will wholeheartedly admit that I am a not so guilty YouTube binge-watcher. In my defence, I watch barely any TV (at the moment I'm only addicted to The Handmaid's Tale)  but give me a good adventure YouTube channel and I'll binge-watch 25 episodes from the past four years. That's exactly what I've been doing since I discovered Riley and Elayna of the channel Sailing La Vagabond. The couple have been sailing around the world for the past 4+ years, and have now pretty much made a nomadic life for themselves on their little boat. I've absolutely loved watching old videos from life on board a sailing boat; seeing them cross the Pacific, live 'ordinary' life on the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, and announce their recent pregnancy! For any adventure lovers who are dreaming of a simpler life, this is definitely a YouTube channel to check out. 

Blogpost: Plastic Earth: Florida Keys x Reef Relief by Johnie Gall

One of my favourite photographers, writers and Instagrammers, Johnie Gall (aka Dirtbag Darling), has recently been strongly campaigning against plastic pollution across her Instagram and blog. Her husband and herself are currently preparing to head out in their van on a journey across America to highlight the businesses, brands and charities that are doing great things to combat plastic pollution. The first in a series of blogposts is this one, following a trip to Florida. It sheds light on the issue with plastic in our oceans, what charities are doing to alleviate the problem, and ultimately what we can also do to play a part. I loved reading this blogpost, alongside Johnie's striking imagery, and can't wait to follow their upcoming trip. Follow Johnie on Instagram to keep informed with the goings-on!


That's all for now! Hopefully some of these things can inspire you to live more adventurously and consciously, that's what I want this whole blog to be about. In August, I'll be heading to Wales with my family for some camping, surfing and relaxing, and then at the end of the month I'm going to the Alps with Harvey which I cannot wait for...! There'll be a packing list going up about the Alps trip, and another list of Wild Things going up at the end of the month as well. In all honestly, I'm falling a little out of love with Instagram so keep checking the blog for blogposts appearing.

Athena ↟