Wild Things ↟ January 2019

Well it’s been a couple of months since the last Wild Things came onto the blog! After doing my Christmas Gift Guide, I decided to give December a miss, but that means I have plenty of things to recommend to you from around the web and beyond this month.

January can be tough. After the initial drive and passion of New Year’s, it’s so easy to lose momentum as the days feel cold and dark, the weather is just a bit depressing, and your New Year’s Resolutions are already dwindling. For me, January has been bout by illness and injury, a dwindling bank balance and a lack of motivation. But, as the end of the month approaches, I have realised the importance of taking a little time for me; prioritising my health and happiness instead of stressing about work, life and what my next steps should be. I’ve been getting into a routine of waking up every morning at 6.30am (in the hope of pushing it to 6am) so I can some time to work on my passions - my blog, Ramble and my writing work - before heading to my part-time job. It’s been amazing because my mind feels more at ease when I’m at work, not thinking about all the things I need to do. I feel accomplished and productive by the end of the day.

Anyway, enough about me… This month’s Wild Things has a focus on health and self-care, with a little bit of adventure and inspiration thrown in too. I hope you love these little snippets of the internet as much as I do!


Andrew T. Kearns | Be You, Do You


This short film by Washington-based photographer Andrew Kearns spoke to me in so many different ways… The film, essentially, follows a couple who are a writer and artist, living in a little flat in Oregon and spending their days doing their art, surfing, and being outside. Essentially, following their passions and feeling grateful for that everyday. The message of the film is in the title… be you, do you. And don’t give a shit about what anyone else thinks of that. I say that mantra to myself when I’m questioning my life decisions, it definitely helps! I wouldn’t have my crazy old life any other way.

Dr. Bronner’s

Sustainable Toiletries

I was kindly gifted some products by Dr. Bronner’s, a German-originated company who make environmentally friendly and ethical toiletries. I’ve been trying out some toothpaste, all-in-one hand, hair and body soap, and lip-balm, and so far I can say that the products are amazing and I would highly recommend to anyone who travels a lot and wants to be minimal with their toiletries. The all-in-one soap is amazing because you can use it for your hands, face and hair, so you only need one product when going travelling. All the products are organic and fair-trade certified, while the liquid soap bottles are 100% post-consumer recycled and the bar soap wrapper is packaged completely in paper. The toothpaste is contained in 13% sugarcane-based bioplastic and ALL the packaging is 100% recyclable in most major markets. This is the kind of company I want to support.


Ben Brown | New Perceptions


I’ve been a fan of Ben Brown on YouTube for years, but recently he’s moved away from YouTube and started making a podcast, which I’ve been loving. In New Perceptions, Ben discusses life, challenges, self-care, mental health and new starts. In a way, it’s just like listening to a friend chat for an hour or so about their life, but for some reason I’ve been addicted and eagerly anticipating a new podcast each week. Probably my favourite episode is the one he recorded with his girlfriend, Ella Grace Denton, a musician and conscious fashion business owner. The pair have open and inspiring conversation, sparking food for thought and honest reflection.


Treeline | Jordan Manley x Patagonia


The first time I watched this stunning film by Jordan Manley it almost brought a tear to my eye. The cinematography, music and content of the film are simply stunning, thought-provoking and inspiring. Treeline is, essentially, about trees and the way they have withstood the earth’s changing climates for millions of years - since before humans starting roaming the earth. The film talks to a number of individuals who work with or have a passion for trees in some way; a skier in British Columbia, a tree doctor in Japan, a scientist in Nevada. The film, being made by Patagonia, is environmentally focused and encourages the viewer to draw a connection with a tree of their own, in order to want to protect it. I would highly recommending watching the film, in bed on a Sunday morning, with the wind in the trees just outside the window.

Ready for Winter? Tips & Tricks for Aspiring Winter Climbers | George Fisher


Since heading to the Cairngorms earlier this month and learning a lot of new winter skills, I’ve been really keen to put all I learned into practise. This article on the George Fisher blog, written by MIC Wes Anderson is super informative and inspiring for someone who is still learning and just getting into winter climbing. It covers weather conditions, dangers, gear and plans. For anyone hoping to do more winter climbing, I would highly recommend giving it a read!