Dancing Light & Stormy Skies | Hiking Trolltunga


Sometimes, all you need is a photo to spark the inspiration required to visit somewhere special. Honestly, there must be hundreds of thousands of photos of Trolltunga online — it is not exactly a hidden location. But, it only took one to captivate me. Trolltunga is, indeed, one of Norway’s most popular destinations due to just how exceptional the view is when standing on the Troll’s Tongue. I normally like to head off the beaten track a little, but I made an exception for this one.

Harvey and I chose a snowy couple of days in May to do the 28km hike; setting off at 7pm and hiking until 10pm, and then from around 4am until 12 the next day — thus missing the masses of day-hikers heading up the trail as we were almost back at our car. We trudged through deep snow and along icy trails, ate pasta pesto in our snow-covered tent at 11pm, and awoke the next morning at 4am to reach the viewpoint just after dawn. It was a hike I won’t forget easily. One with breathtaking landscapes, exceptional views and peaceful nature.

“I am standing on the Troll’s Tongue, as light dances on the hardy faces of the looming walls across the deep blue lake. A dusting of snow sit on the peaks, and the sky appears an angry grey and blue, a soft pink and deep orange. The wildly contrasting colours of a stormy day at dawn. A reminder that she, nature, rules here and can paint the sky however she likes. My feet touch the earth and my hair reaches the sky; I am nature and she is me. This, I think to myself, this right here is why I hike. To be alone with nature, and to feel at one with nature in the most beautiful places on earth.”

Watch my latest YouTube video to see what we got up to on the hike.