I’m Athena, an adventure lover, dreamer, writer and photographer. My creativity is inspired by the beauty and simplicity of nature; the earth in its most pure and natural form. Pine trees, sea salt, wildflowers, waking up to a morning sunrise with a steaming Yorkshire tea and a cool breeze. Woolly jumpers, roadtrips, collecting pine cones from forests and pebbles from the beach.

I am an explorer at heart, a free-spirit that finds it hard to stay in any one place for too long. My legs are constantly moving, my mind whirring, my fingers tapping. I live for adventure, whether it be a ramble in the Peak District or four months cycling around New Zealand. The list of places I want to go and things I want to do is infinite, and only getting infinitely longer as the days go by. But I couldn’t imagine a life without dreams, a life without the unfamiliar.

This website contains my photography, writing and adventures, big and small. So have a look around and see what you like, and I hope I can inspire you to go outside – even if just for a second, to feel the warming sun or stand under raindrops.



I run two websites - Ramble Guides and ROAM Magazine - while working as a writer, blogger and content creator. I am also a keen photographer and have done outdoor modelling for sports and lifestyle brands. My main passions are hiking, climbing and camping and I incorporate these into my writing, photography, video and lifestyle.

I have worked with Inspired by Iceland, Patagonia, and Danner, amongst others, as well as having written for Sidetracked Magazine, Rucksack Magazine and Outdoors Magic. Find out more about working with me here or simply drop me an email if you'd like a media kit or to chat about anything. I am always excited by new opportunities and projects!